Stuff I have to fit on my bike…

Also known as Day 4…

Bicycling is unlike driving in many ways, obviously. One of the less obvious, perhaps, is that you can’t take a lot of stuff around with you. You have to cram everything into one self-sufficient little backpack and maybe an extra bag.

backpackToday was a yoga day, so I had my backpack and my yoga mat bag.

As you can see, that’s a lot of stuff to carry around. The backpack goes in my rear side saddle bike basket; the blue bag gets slung over my back. I look like a homeless person carrying everything I own, when actually, I’m carrying very little.


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4 responses to “Stuff I have to fit on my bike…

  1. Summer

    Hmmm. I drive a black Volvo…

  2. Yeah, it wasn’t you, Summer. If it was you, you probably would have said something funny as an apology, and I would’ve laughed at it.

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