People who steal bikes SUCK!

So last November my bicycle was stolen from in front of Dance Arts Academy. So having your bike stolen totally blows, but having your bike stolen when you’ve outfitted it with awesome baskets and lights for riding at night, AND you don’t own a car so it’s your only mode of transportation, feels like someone just punched you in the stomach.

Try reporting it to the police, JUST TRY! They pretty much tell you there’s nothing they can do, and they act like they don’t care…because they don’t.

Anyhow, a fellow cyclist posted today about his bike being stolen, and someone posted this video. The lesson for all? Booby-trap your bike to cut off the balls of anyone who sits on it. Good thing I’m a girl.


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4 responses to “People who steal bikes SUCK!

  1. LOL! (yours is funnier, but I thought the lesson was lock your bike really really really well.)

  2. Well, I suppose that lesson works too…But my readers pay for humor! Oh, wait…

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  4. Anonymous

    Buy a raggedy used bike from a Salvation Army resale place. For baskets use milk crates and improvise bright lighting in case you ride at night. (ill advised) Get a good chain and U-lock that costs more than you paid for the bike.

    Now, any time you park your bike, you park it next to a nice juicy expensive bike owned by one of those tech company workers who makes enough to drive a Lexus but is riding that $6,000 racing bike that won’t get him to go one furlong per fortnight faster because he forgot the steroids.

    The trick is to have a better lock on your cheap bike compared to the techie with the bike the thieves will drool over.

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