You won’t believe what happened on my route this morning! Update coming as soon as I can type it!

Okay, here’s the update…

I was pushing up a huge hill on 4th street to a four-way intersection (with stop signs). This intersection is notoriously dangerous because all four directions are coming uphill to a stop sign as well as around a curve, so it’s sort of a blind stop. You really have to be careful and stop fully and make sure everyone at the stop or oncoming sees you, because the drivers in this area are also notoriously idiotic, negligent, careless, reckless, you see how I could go on for days here. This street is a bike route and, as I’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of pedestrians out. Think I’m just calling names. Tell me if you understand what has just happened in this photo, which I stopped to take after I carefully progressed through the intersection this morning. 

Here’s a close-up (sorry about the quality):

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