Well, this is about MY life

I thought it might be time to post a pic of myself…I don’t completely hate this one.

So since this blog is supposed to be about my life without a car, I thought I could go beyond just the normal treks here and there and share some of my goals, dreams, maybe even sometime fantasies (oh, yeah, I know you can’t wait for that one…I have this one about Rob Lowe…yeah) with you.

While I was able to strike a fairly flattering pose in this pic (yes, I appreciate that I’ve turned my head at this very strange angle), I want to lose about 35 pounds. Oh I know that sounds like a lot but the two things in the center of this pic must weigh about 10lbs each, so get over it. I’ve been working on a workout/eat healthy plan that I’m implementing today (Monday), anyways, riding my bike and getting exercise via commuting is a big part of the plan.

So to tie it all together…I thought I could post my progress every Monday. Don’t worry, I’m not going to inundate my blog with weight loss posts, just a quick line on Mondays to let you know if the two have any relationship to each other. Piece of cake, I mean pie, I mean, um, something healthy, right?

I appreciate all your support! To everyone who’s read the blog and/or continues to read the blog and/or pops in for the first time and/or takes the time to link and read or cut and paste the address into your browser, THANK YOU!

I think the point of any blog, in part, is to reach out to the global community, obviously. So any comments, even a “hi, read your blog, good luck on your journey” is welcome. Or “hi, read your blog, something similar happened to me…” I really like hearing from people.



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5 responses to “Well, this is about MY life

  1. Jessica

    Hey Amanda,
    Just leaving you a note to let you know I read your blog and to let you know I went without a car for awhile too. I had a 2 year old at the time. So I bought a bike and a carrier. I worked from home and really just rode the bike to school or the ice cream shop. My husband thank fully had a car so once he came home I did my shopping. Good luck on your new adventure.
    Your cousin,

  2. I’ve been enjoying your blog… Great to connect with another committed bicyclist in our neck of the woods.

    Bicycling is definitely an excellent way to get that basic daily activity that helps keep the weight down. Looking forward to hearing about your successes.

    • Thanks, Joe. I really appreciate your comments. Unfortunately, my bike was stolen (arg!) this morning, probably right after I locked it up. I, like you, thought I could go without my u-lock. It had to have been stolen right after I locked it up, because I wasn’t there that long. But the guards at LACMA say there might be videotape of the person who stole it. Oy vay!

      • Ouch! That’s a huuuuge drag. I am really sorry to hear that. *hug*

        I be you’re feeling bad about it. It put me in a funk for a day… regretting that I hadn’t been cautious enough. Wasn’t until I got my second bike fixed up that I felt better…

        It’s the one in the photo on your blog, no?

        Please report it to the police (but expect no sympathy or hope from them – but they need to see that these thefts are getting to be a big issue that they shouldn’t be ignoring.) I hope the videotape is available.

        I hope you’re ok…

  3. I’m really upset, you know, because for us it’s equivelant to having a car stolen. The police were actually sympathetic when I made the report, but they said it would take a little while for the detective to call. LACMA security is being totally awesome and reviewing the video footage right now. They have me locking it up this morning, so hopefully they have the thief on video too.

    I will miss my blue Huffy (yes the one in my pics) but I’m going to look at this not as a bad situation, but as an opportunity to buy a new bike, one with gears and brakes that actually work!

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