CUTE BOYS! Oh wait, I meant: Blogger Beach Cleanup!!!

So as I’ve been surfing the net to find more like-minded individuals, I stumbled upon Siel’s blog and the Blogger Beach Cleanup event. What struck me most about the post I read was the opportunity to meet cute, environmentally conscious guys, who might not care that I’m car-free. Hello??? She said CUTE BOYS!!! I’m totally there.

So here’s the deal: we meet up on October 24th around 4pm and we clean the beach up from 4:20 to 4:40, then we go to happy hour. You can read about the whole event here.

As a car-free blogger, and a gal who likes the beach, I’ve signed up as a blogger, committed to getting my friends there to help with the clean up. So please sign up to come on out, or let me know you’re coming, or whatever, maybe we can carpool, and we’ll have a grand fun time.

I said CUTE BOYS! Do I need to say more? Seriously? Cute boys? I think almost all my Cal pals are single, and I just said cute boys. Sign your asses up for the blogger beach clean up!

K, off my soap box now.


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