Le Grand Canyon

So I sort of have this idea that I could ride my bicycle to the Grand Canyon…You know, trek through CA into AZ and get up the big hill? Anyone ever done anything like that and what should I do to prep for that? I was thinking camping along the way, so I’ll probably need one of those, um, geez, what’s it called? Like a trailer hitch for a bike? Oh boy, I think it’s apparent how not ready for this I am. But I really want to do it. If I save up all my vacation, I can bicycle to the Grand Canyon. Who’s coming with me?



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4 responses to “Le Grand Canyon

  1. You can tour with a “Bob Trailer” which I’ve heard works well – it’s a special low trailer that’s designed for bike touring… but I just tour with panniers on a back rack. It’s easier than you think, and really a really great trip. I haven’t toured to the Grand Canyon, but I did Reno NV to Bryce Canyon, UT. It does take quite a while to get places… and you’ll want a touring bike or road bike… probably a little pricier than your old Huffy.

    I might come with if I can swing the time off…

  2. I’m thinking next spring/summer, and I’ll need about two weeks off, so I’ll need to find a three-day weekend to do it around. I’m trying to map a route right now.

    • I have a similar fantasy. It looks like it would actually take more like a month to get there from L.A. if you take Adventure Cycling’s southern route to the grand canyon connector.

      AdventureCycling dot org or net. i’m not sure

      A great touring cycling blog is PathLessPedaled.com

      • Yeah, I actually just became a member of Adventure Cycling, funny you should mention it. I was thinking of a more direct route, but who knows? I’m definitely doing it though, looking for some cyclists who are interested in coming along. The plan is sometime next spring/summer.

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