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New bicycle!!!

Meet Squeaker! So named for the squeak I need to fix in the front brakes.

To quote my dad, Isnt that pretty?

To quote my dad, "Isn't that pretty?"

I purchased this slightly used Schwinn Le Tour Friday night and took it on an inaugural run to ballet class Saturday morning. Boy, is it a step up from the Huffy. She rides real fast and smooth, and the difference in the amount of work I was doing was amazing! I barely broke a sweat!

As in le Grand Canyon Tour! Get off your a** and onto a bike and come along!

As in le Grand Canyon Tour! Get off your a** and onto a bike and come along!

Lots of DIY projects coming up on Squeaker as I attempt to transform her into her bicycle super power alter-ego, Speed Racer.

And for the concerned public, I spent $175 on accessories for the bike, including two u-locks. I won’t tempt fate by saying I dare any bicycle thief to try getting my bike now, but I will vow to never not use my u-lock again.

Part of that purchase included a new rear rack (since mine was stolen with Blue Huffy). Here’s a couple of pics from my DIY project attaching the rear rack, and what Squeaker looks like now.

Without baskets on this bike, we had to figure out a creative way for me to get all the stuff I bought home in my bag. Amanda (the girl at the shop--who is also a dancer, BTW) tied my bag up like a gift with old bicycle tube. It was fitting, I thought.

Without baskets on this bike, we had to figure out a creative way for me to get all the stuff I bought home in my bag. Amanda (the girl at the shop--who is also a dancer, BTW) tied my bag up like a gift with old bicycle tube. It was fitting, I thought.

Doing bicycle work in my living room and watching Project Runway

Doing bicycle work in my living room and watching Project Runway

And Squeaker now has a rear rack and is ready to ride! Woohoo!

And Squeaker now has a rear rack and is ready to ride! Woohoo!

I’m wondering if I should change the header picture on the blog, but I’m not past grieving for Blue Huffy yet.



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Le Grand Canyon

So I sort of have this idea that I could ride my bicycle to the Grand Canyon…You know, trek through CA into AZ and get up the big hill? Anyone ever done anything like that and what should I do to prep for that? I was thinking camping along the way, so I’ll probably need one of those, um, geez, what’s it called? Like a trailer hitch for a bike? Oh boy, I think it’s apparent how not ready for this I am. But I really want to do it. If I save up all my vacation, I can bicycle to the Grand Canyon. Who’s coming with me?


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Revenge of the Bicycle Theft Victim or Vengeance on a Bicycle Thief

There are many things I wonder about my life. Like what would have happened if my family hadn’t moved back to Florida in 1994? Where would I be now if I had studied something different in college? What would have happened if I had not moved back to California in 2002? What would have happened if I had gone into work earlier on September 4, 2008 (and hence not been in a car accident that ended the life of my car)? Where would I be now if these things hadn’t happened, if I hadn’t made the decisions that I made, and been at certain places at certain times?

When my car was totaled, I took some small bit of pleasure in that now it was final. I would never have to fix the motors on the two windows that had blown out. I would never have to get another oil change again. (Although I was never that good at car maintenance; in fact, I can probably count on one hand how many oil changes my poor little Hyandai had in its 8 year life.) I would never have to worry about the radiator blowing up again. This was a good thing, right?

Of course, I took a huge portion of grief in that I had just replaced the radiator, and the car was now driving with very little complaint. I took a little more pleasure in knowing I would never have to clean it out and take all the trash out of it, since I practically LIVED in the thing. All in all, I tried to look at this setback as an opportunity.

So what I’m wondering today is if our bicycle thief is dead yet.

That sounds harsh. I know.

So, when my bike was stolen, I also said I wanted to look at this situation (me truly being without ANY wheels) as an opportunity, not a setback. So I thought about the things I wouldn’t have to do like fix the gears on my bike.

Let me back up a little bit.

When I purchased my long lost blue Huffy, I had just lost another bike to…you guessed it, bicycle theft. Anyhow, after a few weeks without a bike, I figured the easiest way to replace my bicycle (which was actually my sister-in-law’s bicycle that I had outfitted with lights and beautiful side saddle baskets) by purchasing a bike from Target online. I didn’t really know what I was looking for or even enough about bikes to attempt to buy one off of Craigslist, and trying to identify then go look at a bike (via public transit) scared the shit out of me.

So I bought this bike from Target online. And for some reason, in all my naivety, I didn’t realize that it would come in pieces. I finally finished putting the bike together—screwing on the wheels, attaching the stem and handlebars, adjusting the chain, attaching the plastic pedals, adjusting the brakes—and now I was ready to go hunting on Craigslist! Once you put together a bike, forgetaboutit!

One thing that I never quite got working in A+ or even A- fashion was the brakes. They would be just right, nice and tight and responsive, then they’d completely slip. I had talked to my local bike repairman about fixing them. He was very obliging, and said he could do it in about 20 minutes if I would remove my rear baskets then come back. (My local bike repairman is always very obliging.) I never did. At one point I thought that I would get my ass over to a Monday night at the Bicycle Kitchen and learn how to adjust the brakes myself. (And then I could go back on other nights when all the attractive and fit bicycling men are there.) I never did. Or at least haven’t yet.

So, back to our bicycle thief. I do wonder if he’s still alive. When he stole my Huffy, the brakes were pretty much gone. Because I was used to the bike, and its for-crap brakes, I knew how to manipulate it and ride in such a way as to be able to stop the bicycle effectively. My fellow cyclists are cringing right now, but…The thief didn’t know this. He couldn’t have known this. So he speeds off on my bike, at some point he has to stop, and WTF happened is what I want to know?!

I will be scouring the recent traffic/accident reports to see if there are any bicycle accidents that could have plausibly involved a brake-less bicycle. If you see or hear of anything that might involve our “hero,” please pass it along.

I’ll keep you posted.


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Well, fuck!

Yes, pardon the language. But in the 4 hours since I locked my bike up in front of LACMA West it has been stolen. The bike itself wasn’t worth much, but it had my lovely collapseable baskets on it. And I don’t know when I can afford to purchase another one. Geez. If anyone has a loaner they want to loan me for a few days, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ll bake you cookies.

If you see this bike bicycle

Please let me know at danceralamode@gmail.com and let me know where you saw it, who was riding it, etc.


Mondays suck.



I’m really upset, you know, because for us it’s equivelant to having a car stolen. The police were actually sympathetic when I made the report, but they said it would take a little while for the detective to call. LACMA security is being totally awesome and reviewing the video footage right now. They have me locking it up this morning, so hopefully they have the thief on video too.

I will miss my blue Huffy (yes the one in my pics) but I’m going to look at this not as a bad situation, but as an opportunity to buy a new bike, one with gears and brakes that actually work!

[digg http://digg.com/autos/STOLEN_Life_Without_Wheels%5D


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Well, this is about MY life

I thought it might be time to post a pic of myself…I don’t completely hate this one.

So since this blog is supposed to be about my life without a car, I thought I could go beyond just the normal treks here and there and share some of my goals, dreams, maybe even sometime fantasies (oh, yeah, I know you can’t wait for that one…I have this one about Rob Lowe…yeah) with you.

While I was able to strike a fairly flattering pose in this pic (yes, I appreciate that I’ve turned my head at this very strange angle), I want to lose about 35 pounds. Oh I know that sounds like a lot but the two things in the center of this pic must weigh about 10lbs each, so get over it. I’ve been working on a workout/eat healthy plan that I’m implementing today (Monday), anyways, riding my bike and getting exercise via commuting is a big part of the plan.

So to tie it all together…I thought I could post my progress every Monday. Don’t worry, I’m not going to inundate my blog with weight loss posts, just a quick line on Mondays to let you know if the two have any relationship to each other. Piece of cake, I mean pie, I mean, um, something healthy, right?

I appreciate all your support! To everyone who’s read the blog and/or continues to read the blog and/or pops in for the first time and/or takes the time to link and read or cut and paste the address into your browser, THANK YOU!

I think the point of any blog, in part, is to reach out to the global community, obviously. So any comments, even a “hi, read your blog, good luck on your journey” is welcome. Or “hi, read your blog, something similar happened to me…” I really like hearing from people.


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Another Clip Show?

I don’t have enough hours in the day to be witty, charming, and entertaining nonstop, so… It’s time for a CLIP SHOW!!!!  

Which simply means I’m linking you to some interesting bike news from across the globe. Cause you like being a globe trotter, don’t you? (yuck, yuck)

First off, I apparently live in the wrong city. It seems like Portland would fit my lifestyle much better. Don’t worry Stephanie (my boss) I love LA.

This is kind of old, but if you ever wanted to know what it looked like when an SUV hits a cyclist, well, here it is. This is not a pretty picture, so be warned.

Also, the LAT covers the case of a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian while texting allegedly. Another example for the case against talking on the phone or texting while driving. I plead with all drivers again, please don’t kill me because you need to send some meaningless text. Thanks!

And, an update on the Westside subway expansion. Oh please! It can’t get here soon enough!

And I think that’s all for this evening. Yeah, it’s just a clip show…

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People who steal bikes SUCK!

So last November my bicycle was stolen from in front of Dance Arts Academy. So having your bike stolen totally blows, but having your bike stolen when you’ve outfitted it with awesome baskets and lights for riding at night, AND you don’t own a car so it’s your only mode of transportation, feels like someone just punched you in the stomach.

Try reporting it to the police, JUST TRY! They pretty much tell you there’s nothing they can do, and they act like they don’t care…because they don’t.

Anyhow, a fellow cyclist posted today about his bike being stolen, and someone posted this video. The lesson for all? Booby-trap your bike to cut off the balls of anyone who sits on it. Good thing I’m a girl.


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