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CUTE BOYS! Oh wait, I meant: Blogger Beach Cleanup!!!

So as I’ve been surfing the net to find more like-minded individuals, I stumbled upon Siel’s blog and the Blogger Beach Cleanup event. What struck me most about the post I read was the opportunity to meet cute, environmentally conscious guys, who might not care that I’m car-free. Hello??? She said CUTE BOYS!!! I’m totally there.

So here’s the deal: we meet up on October 24th around 4pm and we clean the beach up from 4:20 to 4:40, then we go to happy hour. You can read about the whole event here.

As a car-free blogger, and a gal who likes the beach, I’ve signed up as a blogger, committed to getting my friends there to help with the clean up. So please sign up to come on out, or let me know you’re coming, or whatever, maybe we can carpool, and we’ll have a grand fun time.

I said CUTE BOYS! Do I need to say more? Seriously? Cute boys? I think almost all my Cal pals are single, and I just said cute boys. Sign your asses up for the blogger beach clean up!

K, off my soap box now.



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Well, this is about MY life

I thought it might be time to post a pic of myself…I don’t completely hate this one.

So since this blog is supposed to be about my life without a car, I thought I could go beyond just the normal treks here and there and share some of my goals, dreams, maybe even sometime fantasies (oh, yeah, I know you can’t wait for that one…I have this one about Rob Lowe…yeah) with you.

While I was able to strike a fairly flattering pose in this pic (yes, I appreciate that I’ve turned my head at this very strange angle), I want to lose about 35 pounds. Oh I know that sounds like a lot but the two things in the center of this pic must weigh about 10lbs each, so get over it. I’ve been working on a workout/eat healthy plan that I’m implementing today (Monday), anyways, riding my bike and getting exercise via commuting is a big part of the plan.

So to tie it all together…I thought I could post my progress every Monday. Don’t worry, I’m not going to inundate my blog with weight loss posts, just a quick line on Mondays to let you know if the two have any relationship to each other. Piece of cake, I mean pie, I mean, um, something healthy, right?

I appreciate all your support! To everyone who’s read the blog and/or continues to read the blog and/or pops in for the first time and/or takes the time to link and read or cut and paste the address into your browser, THANK YOU!

I think the point of any blog, in part, is to reach out to the global community, obviously. So any comments, even a “hi, read your blog, good luck on your journey” is welcome. Or “hi, read your blog, something similar happened to me…” I really like hearing from people.


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Another Clip Show?

I don’t have enough hours in the day to be witty, charming, and entertaining nonstop, so… It’s time for a CLIP SHOW!!!!  

Which simply means I’m linking you to some interesting bike news from across the globe. Cause you like being a globe trotter, don’t you? (yuck, yuck)

First off, I apparently live in the wrong city. It seems like Portland would fit my lifestyle much better. Don’t worry Stephanie (my boss) I love LA.

This is kind of old, but if you ever wanted to know what it looked like when an SUV hits a cyclist, well, here it is. This is not a pretty picture, so be warned.

Also, the LAT covers the case of a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian while texting allegedly. Another example for the case against talking on the phone or texting while driving. I plead with all drivers again, please don’t kill me because you need to send some meaningless text. Thanks!

And, an update on the Westside subway expansion. Oh please! It can’t get here soon enough!

And I think that’s all for this evening. Yeah, it’s just a clip show…

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People who steal bikes SUCK!

So last November my bicycle was stolen from in front of Dance Arts Academy. So having your bike stolen totally blows, but having your bike stolen when you’ve outfitted it with awesome baskets and lights for riding at night, AND you don’t own a car so it’s your only mode of transportation, feels like someone just punched you in the stomach.

Try reporting it to the police, JUST TRY! They pretty much tell you there’s nothing they can do, and they act like they don’t care…because they don’t.

Anyhow, a fellow cyclist posted today about his bike being stolen, and someone posted this video. The lesson for all? Booby-trap your bike to cut off the balls of anyone who sits on it. Good thing I’m a girl.


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Audi pokes fun at cyclists

Thanks to BikePortland.org and Elly Blue for this.

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You won’t believe what happened on my route this morning! Update coming as soon as I can type it!

Okay, here’s the update…

I was pushing up a huge hill on 4th street to a four-way intersection (with stop signs). This intersection is notoriously dangerous because all four directions are coming uphill to a stop sign as well as around a curve, so it’s sort of a blind stop. You really have to be careful and stop fully and make sure everyone at the stop or oncoming sees you, because the drivers in this area are also notoriously idiotic, negligent, careless, reckless, you see how I could go on for days here. This street is a bike route and, as I’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of pedestrians out. Think I’m just calling names. Tell me if you understand what has just happened in this photo, which I stopped to take after I carefully progressed through the intersection this morning. 

Here’s a close-up (sorry about the quality):

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