Dancer a la Mode

amanda dancingDancer a la Mode, also known as Amanda F. Lipsey, is originally from Jacksonville, Florida, where she couldn’t imagine life without wheels. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, in the unincorporated area of Koreatown.

Employed full time as a member of the development staff at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, she is trying to see if it’s possible to maintain a professional career while utilizing only two forms of transportation: Southern California public transit providers and her own two feet, whether they be pounding the pavement or cranking the wheels of her blue Huffy.

Ms. Lipsey is also an accomplished choreographer and dancer, having completed a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography at California State University, Long Beach. In Southern California, Ms. Lipsey has presented her work at the Electric Lodge in Venice and Koo’s Gallery and Performance Space in Long Beach. In 2003, Ms. Lipsey’s work represented CSU, Long Beach in the college edition of Dance Magazine, and she choreographed the premiere of the one-women, one-act opera, Before Breakfast, by Thomas Pasatieri. In 2002, Ms. Lipsey earned a BA in Dance Studies with a minor in Political Science from the University of South Florida, Tampa. While in Tampa, she performed with the emerging local company, Dance, Music, and Design, and choreographed for Moving Current, the local modern dance collective. Ms. Lipsey has presented work at the American College Dance Festival, and, in 2002, she was awarded the Victoria Catherine Seldon Endowed Scholarship from the

amanda sitting

University of South Florida. To find out more about Ms. Lipsey’s work as a choreographer and upcoming performances, check out her other bi-weekly blog, Dance a la Mode.

3 responses to “Dancer a la Mode

  1. London Girl

    Nice Blog! I’m thinking of moving to LA August 2010… maybe I’ll buy a bike to get me around rather than buy a car and let it eat up my resources.

    Thanks for your comment on my Blog (, you have inspired me to keep writing!

  2. Hey London Girl, you’re very welcome! Glad to have inspired someone. Keep in touch and let me know if you do move out to la-la land.

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